Future of Learning

Exploring how can we better learn and adapt to what lies ahead

Future of Working

Exploring how can we work with meaning, purpose and impact

Future of Living

Exploring how we might live, love and play in a better way

Future of giving

Exploring how can give better and make a real difference

Creative social innovation

We seek to make meaningful impact in local communities, paying attention to the small detail but thinking big in terms of sharing ideas and innovations at a global level.

Our Services

Future Focus Global offer a number of core services encouraging sustainable thinking and positive social impact

Project Incubation and Support

Nurturing social impact project ideas from a seed through to making things happens and offering real social impact. We offer varying degrees of incubation and support services dependent on the needs of the individual project and project members.

Training and Development

Offering a range of training, coaching, mentoring services across personal and professional development focuses.

Professional Services

Future Focus has an extensive network of professionals and expertise across many areas which it is happy to share and be of benefit to clients and project stakeholders. A range of professional services and consultancy is offered.

Our Projects

The following are a selection of Future Focus Global’s current projects

Angkorhub academy

Education programme empowering Cambodians to develop relevant and valuable digital skills

Resilient communities

Exploration of how communities can be more resilient in the face of sustainability challenges that lie ahead.

Inspired by

A social impact arts initiative…..

Got a project idea?

We want to nurture impactful ideas through passionate and enthusiastic people. If you have a good idea but need some help in bringing to life then maybe we can help.

Support Us


Whilst we try hard to make our activities and programmes sustainable, any donations we receive are a significant help to make even more social impact


We truly value our volunteers who help us on our journey. Please read on if you are interested in volunteering with us


We continue to build on successful collaborations with educational institutes and students seeking value-added internship opportunities

Our values

Central to our philosophy we have strong values which apply to how we work as an organisation, how we conduct our projects and the global impact we try to make


At all times we embrace respect for each other and for our environment. We believe that diversity and inclusiveness enriches our world.


Everything we do considers sustainability at the heart of its thinking and activities. We simply ask how our actions affect society and the environment. We seek to make all of our activities as sustainable as possible.


We anticipate that tough challenges lay ahead for all of us in society. We believe that looking after ourselves and each other is key to leading and happy life and weathering the difficult times ahead.


We see learning as an continuous process for us all. Future Focus is a learning organisation which embraces education and the sharing of wisdom.

Our Team

Future Focus Global Management Team

Jon Saunders


Jon is the founder of Future Focus Global. He has a successful background in business and systems consulting, seeking solutions to complex problems. Jon has recently attained a masters degree in Sustainable Leadership Development, and is passionate about exploring meaningful ways to make positive social impact.

Jeff Laflamme


Jeff is an experienced IT professional who focuses on how ideas and technology can be brought together to cultivate social innovation. As the CTO of Future Focus Global, he develops the technical strategies of both the organisation and the many social impact projects we are leading on.

Natalie Dicks

Head of Community Engagement

Natalie has a rich background in educational development and has a passion for helping people to achieve the best version of themselves. Through this she is dedicated to building and maintaining valuable relationships in the communities we have created both inside and outside Future Focus Global. 

Andy Campbell

Head of Communications

Andy is committed to ensuring Future Focus Global stakeholders stay informed and engaged. Whilst delivering clear and effective communication across the organisation and its wider audience, Andy works enthusiastically with our project teams to help them find their authentic voice.

contact information

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