Future of learning

Exploring how we can learn better
and adapt to what lies ahead

Future of Work

Exploring how we can work with
meaning, purpose and impact

Future of Living

Exploring how we might live,
love and play in a better way

Future of giving

Exploring how we can give better
and make a real difference

Creative Social Innovation

We seek to make meaningful impact in local communities, paying attention to the small detail but thinking big in terms of sharing ideas and innovations at a global level.

Our Focus

Future Focus helps to make a difference by providing core services in the following key areas


Incubating projects from seeds of ideas through to making a positive social impact


Learning, sharing and exploring through workshops, training, mentoring and coaching


Offering a range of quality services and consultancy through our professional network

Got a project idea?

Make it happen!

We want to nurture socially impactful ideas with passionate and enthusiastic people. If you have a good idea but need some help in bringing it to life then maybe we can help.

Work With Us

At Future Focus we truly value those who can help us help others in a more socially impactful way.  We offer a range of ways in which people of different backgrounds and capabilities can access engaging and rewarding opportunities. 


We are deeply grateful to our volunteers who help us on our journey. Please read on if you are interested in volunteering with us and exploring our exciting opportunities

Professional Associates

We seek to establish good working partnerships and collaborations with industry professionals who offer specialist expertise on a fee and/or pro-bono basis


We continue to build on successful collaborations with educational institutes and students seeking value-added and relevant internship opportunities

Contact uS

We look forward to hearing from you
Our team will get back to you as soon as we can

Future Focus Global CIC
Non-profit community interest company registered in England and Wales No. 8182140
Registered Office: 83 Ducie Street, Manchester, M1 2JQ. United Kingdom