About Future Focus

Future Focus

Future Focus Global CIC is a non-profit organisation formally incorporated and registered in the UK. The organisation seeks to provide a more effective and innovative approach to making real social impact.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make social impact effective and more accessible for people to meaningfully contribute to.

What does Future Focus do?

Future Focus seeks to make social impact through:

  • Designing, developing and delivering its own social impact projects initiated by changemakers who join the incubation programme
  • Collaborating with partner organisations on joint venture projects
  • Offering consultancy and being a trusted advisor for those who want to create social impact
  • Engaging with people in a meaningful way to simultaneously nurture positive well-being with purposeful contribution.

What is the Future Focus approach?

The Future Focus approach includes the following core perspectives:

  • Cultivating a best practice impact methodology driven by strong values, vision and professional knowledge and expertise
  • Forming and maintaining a dedicated and highly capable leadership team who will effectively drive towards our mission and objectives
  • Engaging with driven and committed individuals and organisations who can contribute to social impact projects